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Anna Małgorzata Chilczuk

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Anna Małgorzata Chilczuk

We remember Anna as a person who radiated warmth and kindness,
and connected with people from many cultures, many countries,
many backgrounds with ease. She worked with McKinsey and developed
a skill set that she then put to good use working for not-for-profit
organizations dedicated to helping people around the world.
The accolades from her colleagues from many countries testify to her
professional competence as well as her warmth and compassion.
Many people have written to say they considered her a mentor.
People loved her and trusted her and turned to her for advice
on matters both personal and professional.

Anna was in love with life. She loved to travel,
she loved the sea and the seashore, she loved swimming and scuba diving.
She loved long walks
in new places, wandering in old towns, walking in the forest.
She loved fine dining and fine wine, and became a fine cook,
creative in the kitchen. She loved cats, she loved the medieval villages of the Dordogne,
she loved quiet times reading in our beautiful country house in France.
She loved jazz clubs in Warsaw, London, New York, and Rome.
She particularly loved mellow jazz, both for her own enjoyment,
and because our many cats all seem to love it, too.

We will remember her cheerful smile, her wonderful laugh that could
fill a room, the light in her eyes when she was happy,
which was most of the time.

She is survived by her loving husband, Greg, her mother, Krystyna,
and her cats, Josephine, Charlotte, and Mr. Charles.

There is no measure that can capture how much she will be missed.
Donations to her GoFundMe will be distributed to the animal charities
she loved and supported for many years.

AMI Fondacja Pomocy Zwierzętom
Fondacja Zwierzochron
Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
La Ferme des Rescapés
Center Valley Animal Rescue

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